Welcome to W. M. Lyles Co.

Progress Through Performance

W. M. Lyles Co. is a heavy-civil and utility contractor with a successful record of performance, safety, and reliability. For more than 70-years, W. M. Lyles Co. has performed its work with integrity, honesty, and a careful eye on the needs of our owners, employees, and environment. With hundreds of successfully performed projects in the wastewater, sewer, and clean water delivery sectors, W. M. Lyles Co. is proud to know that our work positively affects our communities, friends, and families.

W. M. Lyles Co. has become an industry leader in the construction of both private and public water and wastewater treatment plants. Our “open book” approach to the construction of these plants has allowed us to assist owners in their growing need for a Design-Build Project Delivery System.
W. M. Lyles Co. remains a leading contractor in our State for the installation of pipelines and underground utilities. With a network of offices covering California, W. M. Lyles Co. has performed work ranging from: the infrastructure for five state/county prison sites, the first producing ethanol facility west of Colorado, large water banking systems, pump stations, gas distribution, underground utilities and structures of all shapes and sizes, and renewable energy projects. Our work varies greatly within our long list of owners and partners; please review our “Projects” section to see the variety of the work we perform.

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